Web Content

Make the most of your website.

Your website is your largest and most visited shop window. Are you making the most of it? We conduct audits and reviews as well as complete content creation from the ground up. Being an external observer, we are able to give you a fully objective view of your messaging, from various stakeholder perspectives, to ensure your voice is being projected in the most efficient way.

Functionality and creativity in harmony.

At Avancera, we love creativity. It’s always exciting to look at the innovations made in the world of web design, as we can do more with less effort and budget. However – the end user should always be in focus. Always keep the customer or prospect in mind and make sure that the innovation and creative flair doesn’t overshadow the user experience.

Lead conversion.

Some types of marketing assets are suitable to be “gated” on your website – i.e. held behind a wall of data capture where the user needs to provide their contact information in order to access the item. This is often the case with white papers and ebooks. Blogs, infographics and videos on the other hand, are shared more openly but often with the option for the user to leave comments and share the item with their network.


Keep some of the basic concepts of search engine optimisation in mind when creating web content – such as using meta descriptions and keywords to improve search engine results, but don’t think that you wouldn’t be able to create great content unless you’re an SEO expert! Common sense goes a long way here.

Just getting started?

Download our handy guide to creating blogs, complete with a template for creating the perfect blog post as well as ideas for compelling topics and titles.

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