How do I create a survey?

Few things are as valuable to your marketing as the voice of the customer. By listening and understanding what your clients and prospects truly want and need from your business, you will be able to create entire campaigns and offerings that respond perfectly to their expectations. We can provide you with complete survey solutions from start to finish, which will support your marketing efforts with invaluable input.

To set up a successful survey you may want to consider some of these pointers.

  • Ensure that you know exactly what you are looking to find out and how you want to present the results – and to whom.
  • Draft a series of questions that are phrased simply and clearly.
  • Use multiple-choice answers as much as possible; only request text input where absolutely necessary.
  • Don’t expect the user to have more than a couple of minutes to spend on the survey – but make sure you set that expectation before launching the survey.
  • Show a progress bar so the user knows how much longer they have to go.
  • Do use competition incentives – but ensure you communicate the winner back to all survey respondents to be transparent.

Want examples of great surveys?

Check out the Client Heartbeat blog where you’ll see some examples of real surveys and their critiques.

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