Marketing Collateral

Different types of content.

Your business can build powerful lead generation engines by creating high quality assets for prospects to absorb. This stands at the centre of content marketing, which has never been more relevant as customers do an increasingly large amount of online research before even contacting a supplier with an expression of interest. Make sure you capture them in time!

Written assets

– White Papers
There are a few different types of white papers, varying in length. A product or a solution brief would typically consist of eight or more pages, whereas a complied list or structured overview could be somewhere between five to seven pages. A report or executive briefing on the other hand can be between eight and twelve pages.

– Ebooks
Less analytical in nature, an eBook can take many forms and be of varying lengths, although mostly more text-heavy than the average white paper. Creating an eBook is an excellent opportunity for a brand to establish itself as a thought leader by providing the reader with a creative, lengthy and useful piece of content.

– Case Studies
A case study is the opportunity for your business to showcase an actual project, with the voice of the customer coming through. It’s one of the most powerful pieces of collateral you can produce, as it offers a direct insight into not only your product/service but into the customer experience – which is equally, if not more, important to your prospect.

Visual assets

– Infographics
An infographic is a visual representation of key facts which can be quickly absorbed by the reader and helps to explain an otherwise complex scenario. In its simplest form it can be a collection of graphs and charts, however – many businesses have taken the opportunity to build highly creative, engaging visuals in cartoon-like formats that have become increasingly popular.

– Video
Business promotion on YouTube often validates a strategy in itself, as video is fast becoming the most consumed media form online. Although this can easily become a very expensive communication channel, there are many great resources available to create free or cheap animated presentations.

– Slideshows / webinars
Platforms like BrightTalk and Slideshare have made it easy for businesses to share other visual and educational content – live or on demand, building brand voice and visibility through being the “trusted expert” on a given topic.

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