Key benefits of blogging.

Blogs are one of the most cost-effective ways for your business to generate traffic, establish authority and increase visibility. A good blog can have huge impact on your search engine rankings, while also silently continuing to generate leads in the background for years to come.

A lead generation engine.

Once published, a blog post can keep generating leads and interest over a long period of time. We’ve seen examples of where blogs continue to provide leads even after as long as five years! Although the reader numbers will drop after the initial flurry of visits, a well-written piece that is relevant to the target audience will continue to serve you long after being published.

Get yourself found.

Having a large number of blog articles that are packed with the right keywords can help you massively improve your organic search engine rankings. If you also post links to your blog posts from other websites and social media, you will boost it even further.

Support your brand.

Every business has a profile and a voice, just like each blogger does. Having dedicated and named bloggers is a great resource for your company, as your blog is more likely to win loyal readers who are interested in the views of your “thought leaders”. This way the blogger can help to support your overall brand by developing his/her own voice.

Just getting started?

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Ready to use the brand voice of your business?

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