The Print Company


Scantech Lithographic Ltd. is a print solutions provider based in the South East, offering a complete scope of high-quality and high-tech design and print services for businesses in a wide range of sectors. Avancera has been a long-term marketing services provider to Scantech, supporting the business not only with tactical marketing activity, but also playing an integral part in building brand strategy and business direction.

“We’d always experienced a lack of marketing focus, as we were missing that internal drive to take the business forward”, says Craig Stephens, Sales Director at Scantech. “There was a lot of activity that we talked about but never put into action – and there was no overall brand that was in any way consistent.”

Scantech approached various design agencies and marketing specialists to get the support needed, but generally found a divide between marketing strategy and brand visuals, whereas Avancera was able to cover both angles.

“The support Avancera gave us stood above and beyond what we could have expected at a realistic and affordable cost. The whole collaboration experience was smooth and enjoyable as Avancera continually communicated and pushed us, putting realistic deadlines into projects and always standing by to answer our questions, no matter how silly they seemed!”

In 2015-16, Avancera supported Scantech with several product-driven online and offline campaigns, providing the small but dedicated sales team with 300+ leads, while also co-ordinating a major industry tradeshow presence which generated an additional 200 leads.

Thanks to Avancera’s contributions, Scantech achieved definite brand recognition through greater exposure and a more confident presence in new and existing markets. Craig says:

“After many years we now have a brand we are excited about, a brand we can sell confidently, and a greater feeling of being a genuine team with the whole company pulling together.”

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