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Tracey Miller is Director at Bigger Brighter Bolder (BBB), a Newbury business that works with entrepreneurs and professionals to develop the mindset for success. Her role is to support the members of the thriving BBB community while also growing and developing the business. Avancera provides a range of copywriting services to BBB, with a focus on creating engaging messaging that builds on their established brand voice. This in turn supports the social media activities, member recruitment campaigns and overall online presence.

In 2015, BBB was already an established business producing a lot of educational content for workshops and member training. However, the key challenge was to actually work with that content to create engaging blog posts and other social content. Tracey’s dedication to engaging and supporting the members meant that content publishing kept dropping down the priority list.

“The lack of regular posting meant that we weren’t attracting new followers”, Tracey explains. “We did publish occasional content, but the posts were often very long. So we were spending too much time writing them, which in turn meant that we weren’t posting very frequently – and we eventually felt that it wasn’t worth the time investment because we weren’t getting enough results from it.”

When Åsa at Avancera created the first blog item for BBB, it immediately hit home with Tracey.

“Asa really grasped the essence of who we are and what we want to achieve,” Tracey says. “She instantly ‘got it’ – we didn’t have to spend time explaining ourselves. She was quick to pick up new concepts, go with our flow and able to continue providing consistent quality month after month.”

One of the main strengths of Avancera is the attention to detail, as well as the genuine respect for language and composition. This was something that Tracey appreciated from the outset. “Despite being Swedish, Åsa has a phenomenal grasp of the English language. Her writing style is creative and colourful – but never cuts corners.”

Having a process for creating new content meant that Tracey has been able to free up the time to work on other areas of the business. Since starting working with Avancera, she has set up a system for social media engagement, is developing a new website for the business and creating various other tools for members. “Now that we have a process for consistently generating good content, it makes sense to invest the time in the other elements of the business.” With more time to dedicate to the business, she can get creative about what to do next.

“Aside from the quality of the content, Åsa is simply a joy to work with. She is passionate about content, she is fun to be around and she proactively approaches us to move in new directions. All this means she has now become an integrated part of our marketing team.”

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