4 things you need to know about the Avancera brand change

1. What is happening?

Avancera is becoming The IT Content Factory.

2. Why?

Sometimes things need to change.

You may wake up one morning and notice that the old, comfortable jumper you’ve had for years no longer fits like it used to. You may have outgrown it – or perhaps its once so vibrant colours have faded.

The same can happen in business.

Since the birth of Avancera in 2015, we have been providing quality strategic marketing services for a range of businesses under our flag of playful orange and corporate black. The name, from the Swedish term “progress”, was generic enough to encompass a wide scope of possibility.

The future seemed bright enough to involve anything.

However, as the business has grown and developed, it’s become increasingly clear that Avancera was never destined to become a full scope marketing agency.
There are far too many exciting flavours of marketing diversity and specialisms to try to master them all. Instead, we have found strength and genuine passion in the content creation process, building on years of experience in the IT field and homing in on the unique requirements for content marketing strategy and delivery within technology businesses.

To reflect this focus and direction of the business, we are changing the name from Avancera to The IT Content Factory.

3. What does this mean for our clients?

Although we will continue to build on the strong marketing pedigree of Avancera, the focus of the business will be narrowing even further into the area of content marketing and copy creation for the tech industry.

Our already strong team of writers will continue to grow to match the needs of our clients to build a solid quality content strategy for lead generation, brand awareness and thought leadership.

4. What happens next?

Over the coming weeks, you will see our brand, website and message changing. These are exciting times for us and we hope you will want to continue following us on this journey!

For more information or for referrals, please contact us on welcome@theitcontentfactory.com