Pawtrait, anyone?

Here are a few examples of lovely animals I have had the pleasure of painting in the last year. If you’re interested in getting your own, unique pawtrait – get in touch and I’ll give you a quote!


This is Loki the Finnish lapphund – as the name suggests he is a very cheeky and playful character and was a joy to paint!
This is a 24×18 inch piece in oil.


This was the first pawtrait I made and it is the gorgeous cocker spaniel Darcey, who was just a tiny puppy at the time. She has since grown into a beautiful, fluffy lady dog with lots of pzazz. (And a keen interest in rabbits.)


This is Monty the Labrador. He is a very friendly chap with the happiest tail in the world. He was very difficult to paint as he has so many shades of black throughout his lovely, shiny fur, and at 24×18 inches this was the largest canvas I’d done.


This is Tosh, a handsome gun dog who spends most of his time in a pub in West Berkshire. The pawtrait of Tosh was a wedding gift for his parents. 


The pawtrait of Pepsi the Beagle was a first effort using the iPad (InspirePro Free). I’d like to say it’s work in progress, but I think it’s more likely that I’ll make an entirely new attempt.


This little proud lady is called Lily and belongs to a gorgeous blonde (not me!). I loved painting this, because there were so many interesting changes in fur texture and shade.